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Leah Avigdori Skincare

Leah is a trained and passionate esthetician, with over 15 years of experience in holistic and medical modalities. Through her integrated approach to skincare, Leah’s intention is to align each individuals inner and outer radiance and wellbeing. Her unique training in skincare, connective tissue massage, massage therapy, reflexology, cranial-sacral therapy, and holistic nutrition, culminate to further enhance her skin healing treatments. Let Leah’s healing hands and calming energy transform your mind, body and spirit.

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Custom Facial

60 mins

I know how much your skin means to you and that is why I will customize a treatment on the spot that supports your personal skin goals. Whether your skin needs a deep cleansing facial, extra extractions, a gentle peel, microdermabrasion, or oxygen therapy- you’ll get exactly what your skin needs to look it’s very best! You’ll love this holistic approach to healthy glowing skin.

This treatment is recommended monthly.

Acne Clear Facial

75 mins

Whether you’ve had acne for years, or experiencing a new bout in your late 20’s or 30’s, we will take a deep dive into your inner health, lifestyle habits and current homecare routine and implement specialized treatments to balance, clear and restore the skin.  

This Treatment Includes: 

-CLEANSING and exfoliation customized to target acne and inflammation.
-EXTRA time for extractions.
-HIGH FREQUENCY for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits.
-MASK under an oxygen dome, surrounded by LED lights for a superstar transformation
-HYDRATE a stream of highly pressurized oxygen and zinc, colloidal gold, copper, & silver is delivered to the skin.
-NOURISH mindfully selected serums and moisturizer is luxuriously applied.
-LYMPHATIC drainage of neck & chest.

Divine Light Facial

90 mins

This treatment is inspired by ancient traditions & rituals from around the world for an immersive and sensory experience that initiates the 3 tenets of beauty, light, & transformation.

Infused in each moment is an intention, a vibrational energy that connects the heart and mind with divine uninterrupted presence.

This Treatment includes:

-CHAKRA BALANCING opening the body’s energy centers with pressure points, crystals, meditation, and affirmations.
-SOUND BATH waves of soul soothing sound from Tibetan Singing Bowls have a transporting and healing effect on the nervous system.
-CLEANSING massage, custom exfoliation, & careful extractions.
-MASK a custom mask is applied, eyes are protected + treated to a special jade quartz eye mask, while skin basks in the benefits of focused LED.
-RELAX and drift away to your happy place while you receive a shoulder and arm massage.
-OXYGEN an infusion of pure O2 combined with colloidal alchemies + hydrators are generously misted into the skin.
-SIMULTANEOUS SKIN ROLLING with 2 rose quartz facial rollers to drive in customized serums.
-GUA SHA to release the connective tissue, and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Flashback Facial

1hr 45 mins

Imagine stepping into a time machine… and being able to flashback to a version of your younger self in all it’s collagen glory, while still possessing that inner beauty and wisdom that comes from a life well-lived. This facial was carefully designed to reclaim your youthful glow and give it all the nurturing and energy it needs to make a full comeback. 

This treatment includes: 

-CLEANSING massage with custom exfoliation and careful extractions.
-REVITAPEN, a non-invasive tool using a unique sphere-shaped tip that rapidly pulsates to create micro-channels, driving in customized serums for optimal rejuvenation. Stem-cells or growth factors are used when indicated.
-MICROCURRENT to signal cellular communication, oxygenation, & muscle toning.
-MASK under an oxygen dome, surrounded by LED lights for a superstar transformation.
-HYDRATE a stream of highly pressurized oxygen and colloidal gold, copper, & silver is delivered to the skin.
-NOURISH mindfully selected serums and moisturizer is luxuriously applied.
-LIFTING massage sculpts and further defines the jawline, cheeks and eyes. 


The Lifting Facial

60 mins

60 mins (5 Sessions)

This advanced facial targets and stimulates muscles by using low amp waveforms giving a more toned and swept up appearance to the face. The Lifting Facial requires a building phase as well as a maintenance phase for longer lasting effects. This facial can also be used as a wonderful re-boot that generates improvements in skin elasticity, collagen stimulation and over all glow. We combine the micro-current with LED stimulation for magic multiplied.

Connective Tissue Contouring Facial

90 mins

A restorative and stimulating massage technique that manipulates the soft connective tissue under the skin to provide lifting, toning, draining, and complete rejuvenation while promoting deep, regenerative relaxation. This facial can be customized to target specific concerns like reducing inflammation and tension in the jaw joint ( TMJ), increasing and repairing collagen and elastin fibers, and draining excess fluids and toxins out of the skin.

Elevate Your Facial

Gua Sha Glow

30 mins

This detoxifying treatment uses cold rose quartz tools to stimulate the tissue. With a lifting and draining action, these tools help your skin to heal, move stagnant blood, increase collagen production, fill in fine lines and deep wrinkles, allow for deeper product penetration, and reduce facial tension.

Lift & Glow

30 mins

Elevate any facial with an immediate lift and glow! This micro-current facial add-on uses low-level electric current to improve circulation, support lymph flow, and visibly contour features. While you will see longer lasting results from a series of Lifting Facials, just 30 minutes of microcurrent will have you significantly toned and lit from within.

Buccal Massage

30 mins

Working facial muscles from inside the mouth to release tightness, TMJ pain and stored emotions. Increases circulation and creates a more lifted and glowy appearance.

Vit. A Facial Revita Pen Facial Infusion

30 mins

Facial Infusion is a complete rejuvenation, skin remodeling treatment designed to increase circulation, boosts immunity and hydration without the inflammation associated with an Alpha hydroxy acid. Facial infusion has a high concentration of 2% retinaldehyde and is the precursor to retinoic acid. Is clinically proven to be 1000 times stronger than retinol! This medical grade treatment activates the genes in your skin turning on fibroblast stimulators, heals acne, repairs photo damage, thickens the dermis, lifts hyperpigmentation, restores capillary flow and reverses the sign of aging.

Lymphatic Drainage

30 mins

A precise, non-invasive, light-touch therapy that assists numerous inflammatory conditions including acne, scars, burns, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, puffy eyes and post cosmetic recovery.

Lymphatic drainage encourages the elimination of metabolic waste while accelerating the flow of fresh oxygen and nutrients.

Sculptural Face Lifting Massage

30 mins


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